And So it Begins

Happy belated New Year to you “all”. Ready for the new year? Neither am I. I can’t believe its 2013. My younger self never found the concept of change to be agreeable. In fact, I dreaded New Years Eve ever since I was in the 4th grade. It’s a shame. I suppose you can say I was a rather pessimistic child. Hell, its gotten progressively worse as time went on. In all honesty, I lost hope in a lot of things as each year came and went. What can I say? I was exposed to a lot as a youngster and it stuck. My parents (specifically my fore-bearer)  tried to shield me from the corrupt society in which we live. I think its because she too is blind. We are all blind in some aspect I suppose. Regardless, I don’t live in a fantasy world. Forgive my rant. I don’t want to go and make resolutions. I know for a fact that if I don’t live up to them, I’ll do anything in my power to reach them; even if it kills me. (Although when it comes to personal things, its never enough)  I will say that I expect things to change for the better in the major aspects of my life. Personally blogging is difficult on its own, but I made a promise that I wouldn’t keep things in anymore. I can keep things in for a very VERY long time. However, that only leads to self destruction and other people’s pain. I never intentionally try to hurt others, (Strangely enough, I tend to keep things in to prevent the people around me to get hurt) but I’m human and it does happen. No, I’m not perfect in any aspect of the word. As much as it bothers me, I suppose its just as well too. Whats the point in being perfect if I know I wont ever be? I set my resolutions on things centered around perfecting myself. Actually, setting resolutions are a daily ritual for me. What can I say? Its how I’m programmed. Until later, stay strong lads. 🙂

I think I’ll leave you with this:

“You will only reach a better and happier life if you can picture it and allow yourself to have it.” 


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