Shaken, Not Stirred

Each day presents itself differently. Its a wonder how each day takes its course. Think about it, you can go from having a shitty day and then something significant happens. *BAM*. Your shitty day is transformed into perhaps the best day ever. Just today, I spent the early afternoon doing the “group project” from hell. (Meaning I took charge- as normal) It was a nightmare that will be continued tomorrow. I made plans to see Skyfall with the one I love earlier tonight. Wouldn’t you know it? It made everything else from today go away as if nothing ever happened. Everything was calm. All the stresses from weeks prior, all the stresses of midterms in the upcoming weeks, everything, it all vanished. It takes a strong person to do that to a perfectionist such as myself. A very strong person. I’m a stubborn, anxious person. Anyone who could break that for a good few hours is simply amazing. Everyone deserves to have someone like that in their life. I pity those who don’t. Until next time, stay happy lads. 🙂


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