Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Bonjour monsieur’s et mesdemoiselles! Me again.  I took the time to put things in perspective. The best that I stay calm right now through all this insanity and stress with school. I decided that I cant possibly let it get to me. As the school year progressed, I got overwhelmed and tried to brush it off as though it was nothing. I hoped it wouldn’t be evident, however, it’s more obvious than I had initially thought. I decided that I should revert back to some of the good things I used to do when I was the better, less stressed me-the real me. It’s time to make a change. I’ve known this for a long time. Better late than never, aye? Here is the just of things:
(I’ve always been a list maker…)

  1. Focus on changing for the better
  2. Fuck Stress
  3. Stay Positive
  4. Tell people how you feel in the moment 
  5. Ease up on yourself (hard but all I can do is try, right?)
  6. Make little changes each day improve lifestyle
  7. Have fun 🙂

Above, my fellow misunderstood dreamers of society is a list of how to get back. There is a time for everything-it’s time for change. I know I HAVE to do this. I know in my gut I WANT this because it WILL help me in the long run. Although its hard to keep track of everything right now, I know that the bona fide person within is screaming to come out again. I’m eager, I miss the me I once knew. She’s been visiting a lot lately, but its time for her to stay. It’s time to be me again. It wont be easy, and it will take some getting used to along with the rehashing of old customs, but now its a better time than ever. Hell, it’s my life. I’m not trying to get all preachy here, but maybe in some way, it’s making me more eager for the changes. I’m run on goals and plans. Like I’ve mentioned in publications prior, once I have my heart set on something and I have a direction, you can’t hold me back. (Metaphorically speaking that is). Until another time-stay classy lads. 🙂


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