Leaving Comfort at the Door

Ello, ladies and gents! Pardon me for being a stranger this past week. Hmm. Its been overwhelmingly busy here with midterm exams and such. Well, to be honest, I really only focused on my APMEH midterm (Advanced Placement Modern European History). Some of my other attention went towards a new and I suppose will be an exciting event, my birthday party. Now, mind you, I am not one who seeks attention. So the whole concept of having a party specifically for the date of my arrival on this place we call earth, is mind blowing. All I can do now is embrace it. My friends are really excited for it as well as my mother. The best way to describe this shin dig is an anti-birthday party. I don’t need all the glitz and glam of a cliche celebration to keep me satisfied. Hell, I could have it on a street corner and I’d be content. In all honesty, I just want other people to have a good time. Sure, I know I will. But when it comes down to it, I just hope others enjoy themselves. I love planning, I love making lists and being apart of the planning process. I bet I’d be a great party planner if I wished, but when it comes to having parties for myself, I feel “out of place”. I’m used to being the outcast, the one who isn’t in the midst of all the attention. Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is a good thing. Despite not wanting to believe it, I know its true. Being happy isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I have to risk my comfort for it. For now, its all list and memory making, aye? 🙂 Until next time, stay happy lovies. 


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