Just Go For It

If I were to say to you, "Just go for it!" what would 'it' be?

My “Its” for the week:

  1. Going out of my comfort zone for closure
  2. Happiness
  3. Release of added stress
  4. Peace from within
  5. Sleep (Please with a cherry on top?)
  6. Going out of my way for a mysterious “Distant Duck”
  7. Switching things up again. Hey why not? Its a new week.

Note to self:

        You are bigger than you give yourself credit for, just stop it. Just do it all. Do ALL that you set your mind to. Everything. If not now, then when? Stop putting things off in fear that others will react a certain way. Screw them. I love you, and its time to show it. I know I might sound stern right now, but its time. 

In love and awkwardness,
-Anonymously Yours. 


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