Windy Whispers

Huzzah! Today as a considerably better day than yesterday. My alarm didn’t go off, causing me to wake up at 7:15. My ride arrived to my house about ten minutes later where I encountered a day full of hell. This fantastic day greeted me with shitty classmates, getting hit in the face with a volleyball at gym (My face was red for the afternoon), and failing a French test.(Twas expected, I just don’t care enough about that class anymore.) By the end of it, I wanted to break down, however, my emotional walls won’t allow it. I knew I was better than that. Would it be healthy? Perhaps. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, when I got home, I discovered my Facebook profile was hacked, that was the last straw. I laughed it off. Therapy followed with a long appointment of tiresome conversations concerning my life. Fantastic. Today however, was brilliant. My goal for tomorrow is confronting the mysterious duck. I had a chance today, but my awkward persona prevented this from happening. Usually when I don’t just go for what I set my mind to, I push harder to get it the next day or within a short period of time following the failure. Only time can tell. Until next time, keep on keepin’ on, lads. 🙂


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