Blindfolded Cliff Jumper

Do you guys ever have that feeling of “its now or never”? It seems to have been with me for quite some time now. All I know is, its a thrilling feeling. Energy levels? Up and running. Excitement? Right there with it. Happiness? Better than ever. (SUCCESS!) This is it and tomorrow its that now or never kind of day. I am going to cross off another goal for the week ready or not. All I can do now is take a leap off the “cliff” and hope for the best. No looking back. Will I scream due to raging nerves and excitement? Perhaps, figuratively speaking of course. But hey, if not now, then when? Number six, here I come. My approach mechanism? Take a deep breath and go for it. Stay calm, and be yourself. Good idea? We’ll find out. *Fingers crossed tight* Until next time, see you “all” on the other side. Stay adventurous, lads! 😀 


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