Callings de Printemps

Good “morning” lads. I went to bed around 5;30-ish this morning after taking a late nap yesterday afternoon. On and off I slept until eleven thirty when I decided to get my ass out of bed and take a shower before going out with my mom to check some things off the list for the shindig. I’m trying not to count down. Every place I go, they ask what color my dress is like its the biggest piece to the puzzle. Problem? Considering I don’t even have a dress yet, it’s hard to explain how it will look. Apparently, it has to match every other aspect of the shebang  Mom and I drove to the florist where we explained the whole vintage theme to a man who was colored with confusion. Perhaps its because my mom used the stereotypical explanation for a party like mine at first. It probably wasn’t expected that a lad of my age would be into “old” things like that. Then again, what do you expect from a fellow wearing red lip stain  cat eyeliner? Following this appointment, on we were to the supermarket. Unexpectedly  we got into a fight. It seems to be a trend of ours where I tell her something for the trillionth time and she freaks out because “I didn’t tell her”. We didn’t talk for the rest of the afternoon. I was suppose to go to the mall or shopping in a few downtown districts a few cities over, but this took up most of the day. I got home, put the groceries away, and took a nap. Low and behold, its about an hour later and my mother unit is acting like nothing happened again. It’s just frustrating. I never used to tell her anything and now I’m making a ton of attempts to do so, but she gets so angry. Any way, I can’t let that get to me. Tomorrow the sun sets later. I become alive during this time, I am more energized and alive. I decided that I should take walking up again. I haven’t been home bound in the winter, but my walks just weren’t enjoyable. I saw the first flowers starting to bloom today, and it hit me, I much like the flowers have life again. What can I say, I love becoming one with nature sometimes, it calms me. It’s the little things, aye? Until next time, embrace your transcendentalist from within. So long, lovies.:)


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