Call of the Wild

I propose a new ideal. Perhaps I should invent a “fast forward” button so that we can zoom to the summer so that way I can go on adventures and climb real mountains. Peace. Quiet. Serenity. Something nice and adventurous for my overwhelmed self. Nice idea, right? Who is with me? Any takers? 


11 responses to “Call of the Wild

  1. Awesome photo, Maybe I would be, I do love summer but I like having winter because it makes summer that much better. I’m actually planning on living in South America for a bit, going to mix it for a bit. Chase summer all year round.

  2. Unfortunately for you, life gets so much more overwhelming. I don’t think you have a firm grasp on what being overwhelmed is.

    • I understand where you are coming from. I know I there are others going through much worse and even more overwhelmed. However, bringing an eating disordered relapse into a huge family mishap with a ton of other factors playing into it, it’s overwhelming for the moment.

      • It is not so much that others are going through more or that being overwhelmed is a contest of some sort. By your blog posts, it’s clear that you are still very young and have much more to see in this world. I apologize for my statement as I only read a few of your first blog posts before commenting on this one. I did not mean to sound rude. Anorexia Nervosa was actually the topic of my senior thesis in Uni given the fact I majored in Social Psychology. As you can imagine, the thesis focused on the social and environmental factors that play into the causation of anorexia in teenage as well as young adult girls. I don’t need to repeat the symptoms and what comes with the diagnosis of anorexia because you probably know more than I do. For a while, I also did a personal research on the repercussions of the stigmatization of the diagnosis. As you can imagine, the disorder itself causes cognition problems (problems with the thinking pattern), however, the stigma of being anorexic is also terrifying to the person who has received the diagnosis even if no one is aware of the stigma besides the patient and their families. It’s essentially an irrational fear, but the fear itself tends to grow and spurt into dozens of phobias. Some of these probably include the need to be perfect, the constant fear that others will judge you, and obviously the fear of food. Think of it this way, you’re mind is currently over complicating every situation you face in such a negative manner that the stress is pulling you back into a relapse of your old behaviors. If you are currently in a relapsed state, I suggest you make a change. Personally, I think you should stop wasting your money on a normal therapist that is clearly making little progress. However, the nutritionist is a good idea. Like I said, the main problem in returning a patient with anorexia back into a system of normal and healthy eating habits is the irrational thoughts. Have you ever heard of Cognition Behavioral Therapy? Studies have shown that this form of therapy tends to successful in reversing the irrational thoughts and bring you back into healthy habits. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, group therapy and even family therapy, although I suggest using your father, have been shown to work at a higher rate as well. For all I know, you may have known all of this, so I apologize if you read this all. If I can leave you with some positive reinforcement, I will say this: I have read through roughly 75% of your blog posts and from what I can see, you are a very bright and skilled writer who will probably impact someones life. By writing this blog, you have shown the world that you are not afraid to confront this disorder and you show a need and want for a happier life which I believe you can reach one day. Finally, I will leave you with this very interesting blog that was shown to me by a friend of mine who is recovering from bulimia nervosa and more specifically, an interesting research post that came to my attention. I hope you enjoy it and remember, you are better than your worst fears.

      • I appreciate all of this. I sometimes feel as though I come off wrong to some people. I always have to slap myself sometimes and think I’m not thinking the way I normally would. The disorder screwed up a lot of my ordered thinking. I will look into this! Thank you again!

  3. Unfortunately for you, life gets so much more overwhelming. I don’t think you have a firm grasp or an idea of what being truly overwhelmed feels like.

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