You Say Its Your Birthday?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today was rather unusual. I suppose it was due to all the attention I got. Perhaps, this is preparing me for Saturday. Even before the clock struck twelve last night, people were texting and writing to me trying to pump me up. I have to admit, I did get excited simply everyone else was thrilled. I couldn’t believe it. Today I was sung to a countless amount of times  I was hugged more than I have ever been hugged before. I received gifts and cards. Hell, my locker was ambushed with bows. Others screamed their birthday wishes at  me a happy birthday as I made my way down the halls. I know I’m not a loner. But the fact that people took the time to wish me a happy birthday astounded me. My teachers even praised me on this. I couldn’t be more grateful. Over all, today was pretty great. I’m a bit zonked, but rest assured was I that the day is yet to be finished. (Saved this as a draft and came back four hours later) Pops surprised me and came home early. I was grateful considering he has tax season now. I wasn’t expecting anything, but my mum went out and got cupcakes. She understood that it just isn’t time yet. I have a picture of how my first time will be eating cake. Store brought cupcakes isn’t my idea. After all, it’s just Thursday. One day, I’ll eat birthday cake on my birthday, and I won’t think twice about where its from. I’ll want to eat it, AND I won’t have that side dish of guilt. That will happen one day, but for now, I need to conquer other fear foods. Cake is my biggest one simply because I took it out of my diet first. Oddly enough, I am open to eating it more than last year. That day will come. And I will make ANA cry. But deep down, I know I will love it again. It won’t be easily enjoyed the first few times, but I know that in time, I will grow and develop a trusting relationship, not only with cake, but will food in general. Just now, my friend came by chez Anonymous to give me my gift. A new record player and The Beatles Yellow Submarine album. Sweet perfection. I blasted it for a good while shortly after receiving it. People keep telling me that I deserve all this. But why? I know what you are all thinking. No I don’t hate myself. I just don’t think I’m anything special. Now to get through tomorrow. Its all cake baking and tying up lose ends to my shindig. I have a friend’s party tomorrow night to look forward to. Oh boy, here comes the madness. 🙂 Bring it. Until next time, stay calm and blast some tunes.


6 responses to “You Say Its Your Birthday?

  1. You said this was previously saved as a draft. At one point you said “Over all” instead of Overall. G-g-g-grammar Nazi!

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