Leap of Faith

G’day, lads! Oh boy, is anyone else longing for summer? It’s just about eighty degrees over here where I live. Mother Nature is such a tease. Just two days ago, it was forty degrees and chilly, tomorrow’s forecast calls for fifty degrees rain showers. Thank you Mother Nature. Thank you. I get inspired this time of the year. Unfortunately, this also means I become depressed around the winter time, which I hope to conquer this year. (This is apart of my long term goal list.) I hope I can stick to this list. It feels different this time. I’m surprising myself now in regards to eating. I’m actually a lot more at ease to eating certain things. Specifically cake which is extremely odd. That was the first thing I cut out. Is this the beginning to a major change? Am I only fooling myself? My goal is to change my eating habits for the better more so over the summer. I want to challenge myself, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Yes, I am going to have slip ups. It would be folly of me not to expect that. I just need to keep this mind set for a while. My first goal is to throw away all of my “triggering” clothes. Anything and everything. I need to purchase clothes in a size bigger. So long size ones. What sparked this? Who knows, I’ve been feeling this for the longest time. I’m just at the tip of change. I know it will be hard. In retrospect, I know that I am tired of being seen for someone younger than I am. All of my friends are “developed” and womanly looking. Me? I have the body of a youngster. Some of my younger cousins are “filled in” more than I. It’s been this way for quite some time now. All of this is an evolved movement. Slowly but surely, I plan on putting this into action. I just need a lot of motivation and support. The times they are a changing. Until next time, wish me all the MUCH NEEDED luck, lads. Merci beaucoup. 🙂


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