One Size Too Beautiful

One of the biggest factors of recovery is obviously restoring one’s weight. This contradicts what the eating disorder aims to attain, therefore, it is hard to cope with this factor. One mistake I made was I got caught in the realization of my weight loss and began to embrace my body for something it isn’t. In the beginning, I started to purchase sizes in a size up. However, more and more people began to buy me clothes in my actual size, therefore causing me to do the same. I was in a slump and didn’t think about buying in sizes that were better for me. Even now, I have “trigger clothes”. I got rid of some of them yesterday, and as I gain more weight, I plan on getting rid of more. I don’t want to have those clothes to fall back on now. I was evaluating these articles of clothing and realized that they were from three years ago. Mind you, there was a HUGE jump from then to now. Changed schools, kids developed more than I. Ultimately, I don’t feel like or look like a mature young adult. Here are some tips to cope with weight gain during recovery:

  1. Forgive yourself, realize that your well being has been tampered with all too much and you need to treat your body like a temple now.
  2. Buy clothes in sizes that are a size bigger. 
  3. Purchase “short term” and “long term” clothes. The short term clothes should be worn until you need to go to a size bigger. When you buy these items is up to the person you are. I know for me, its easier to buy them before I gain the weight so it isn’t as embarrassing. 
  4. Start to listen to your body. 
  5. Make an irrational versus rational list in your head when it comes to gaining weight and eating. You may ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen if I eat this?” “Will I really gain ten pounds by eating this?”  “Is this me talking? Or ED?”
  6. When eating the food think about the texture, the smell, the flavors, how it tastes. It will help you enjoy the food more and cancel out the added fears. I know for me, I can’t think about eating it at first, but once it’s in my mouth, I focus on the things affiliated with the food, not the amount of calories. 
  7. Develop a strong bond with yourself. During my first “recovery”, I was a scared, rebellious person who just wanted out of help so I can be considered anorexic. If you learn who you really are, you can find what works best for you in regards to not only food, but things outside of eating such as managing time, or the type people you surround yourself with. 
  8. Be honest, and open. Yes, you are gaining weight, but in the long run, your success won’t be determined by your jean size, but by what you do in life to impact others. It’s the hardest realization. I have trouble admitting this to myself, but it’s true.

Gaining weight is tough, especially when trying to cope. In the long run, the weight will redistribute to other parts of your body other than your stomach. Trust me, anyone going through this, you aren’t alone. Until next time, stay strong, lads. 🙂


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