Symphony of Serenity

Irish soda bread, down! Okay, I have to admit, the home made version is WAY better. I wanted to eat some the day of St. Patties day, but by the time I got to it, it was stale and gross. So, I took it upon myself to purchase a box mix over Amazon with my Amazon gift card. Maybe it is because I’m so used to the home made kind, or because I’ve adapted to the old family recipe kind (I’m an Irish lad). Nevertheless, I wish I had my nana on hand so she could whip out her killer loaf. Oh well, I made do with what I had. I thought it was going to be scarier, but it really wasn’t. I always start off simple when introducing a new food. This was definitely one of the undesired goal foods to consume simply because it was bland and tasteless. I couldn’t even finish a whole piece. My theory is, if I am genuinely not liking something, I should start fresh another time soon with a different version. I don’t want to spoil this for myself because I know that I like my family version. Now the fears won’t be too bad when that situation comes because I know I’ve had it before. *High five* Any who, today was strange. It occurred to me that I have to go back to school on Monday. As I sat in my two hour class this morning, I almost jumped out of my seat in realizing I only have a few days left of freedom. Goal? To do as much as I want in the next few days. If my computer was working properly  I could gladly finish homework which includes test reviews, a project, and a research paper. Fantastic. Fear not, laddies!  I’m not worrying yet. No need to stress when I can always get creative with these assignments. For now, I am relaxing to the calming whispers of the wind and the soft melodies of the raindrops outside. I absolutely adore the smell of rain. The sweet kisses it gives you when you walk through storms. The lovely acquaintances of thunder and lightening. Its a symphony of serenity. Until next time, join me in relaxing and enjoying the sweet little nothings of life that mean so much, lovies. 🙂


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