The Long and Short of IT

Beautiful and inciteful outlook on women.

The Gail Young Show

Last week as I sat on the subway on my way to work an article caught my attention hidden in the middle section of the paper.  Here is the link to the article which basically confirmed what women knew all along: size matters.


From a young age women are made aware of the sensitivity of a man’s ego in regards to his appendage and we abide by an unwritten rule not unlike “bros before hoes.”

The truth is whether you are feeling a wee bit under the average; I can only speak to what has made me feel a bit less in the medial lines.

Women might not have to worry about the long and short of it but we do constantly obsess over our weight.  I certainly have felt overlooked many times by the opposite sex due to my size.

In my early twenties after going through…

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