Keeping Strong and Moving On

Tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun. -The Beatles

I sometimes forget how old I really am. There are times when I slap myself just so that I remember. Instead of going out with friends and doing normal things people do my age, I am stuck at doctors appointments. I used to tell myself that I did this to myself and I put myself here. In reality, I didn’t do this, ANA did. Then again, ignorant bastards people who are not educated enough on EDs don’t agree with me. It’s difficult to explain this to friends. Its always the same. “Oh yeah I totally understand”. I’m sitting here thinking what the hell? How could you possibly say that? None of you know how it feels to miss out on countless amounts of friend obligations and visits to meet health requirements. After comments like these are made, I feel guilty simply because they act like I am doing this to them. Like Im making them suffer because I wanted this ED. They support me, until they think it is ruining their lives. What to do? I don’t know. The only way I know how to handle this is to brush it off or avoid it because I know that they won’t ever fully understand unless they too are going through anorexia recovery. But I digress. There are other things to look forward to than these frustrations. If anything, I am going to get on to bigger and happier things. Who knows? Tomorrow is a new day, right? Until next time, stay happy my friends. 🙂


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