Call of the Wild




At last! I have returned! I’m sorry for the long delay in posting, I’ve been busy dealing with life. It happens to the best of us, aye?  Adjusting back to school took a while with catching up in work and whatnot. It’s been entertaining all the least. I’ve been in a really good mood for a while as my veteran readers know. I can’t wait for summer, but to be honest, I’m content with the now. Which hasn’t ever happened before. I’ve always been happy thinking things were going to get better in the future (I would set myself up.) Generically in the end, I wouldn’t enjoy the moment when it arrived. Luckily, that’s changed. I can enjoy the things happening NOW and not base future events on wishful thinking. Its a process as you can gather. In other news! A lot is changing in the world of Anonymous. I’ve met a lot of new lads which is a a fantastic world in itself. I’ve also been considering a lot of big changes too both regarding life style and new experiences. Some of these include fear foods and summer obligations. I was offered a job the other day too which adds to the excitement. Now, don’t go and get me wrong here, not all is peaches and cream, but I need to pick and chose battles here. I can’t let a few negative aspects of my life get me down in the slumps. Bumps in the long and winding road, aye? Coping skills are changing too which helps. I have my leisurely walks to look forward to yet again. There isn’t anything that could compare to that feeling of the refreshing air against my fragile skin or the whispers of the wind speaking in foreign tongues against my ear. Priceless is the ambiance of landscapes full of essence and vivid vitality. Sometimes, nature looks photo shopped. Nature never ceases to astound me. I suppose I’m a bit of a transcendentalist in my own right. Until next time, sit back and listen to the birds, lads. 🙂


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