“Reserving judg…

“Reserving judgements is a matter of infinite hope.” -The Great Gatsby

I sometimes wonder why people judge one another. Of course there is one’s own insecurities and regrets, however, what drives an individual to cast harsh slander on another? Think about it, what does it accomplish except driving the other person into a sometimes dangerous path. Whether that path be self-doubt or ill self body image, it’s a dark and risky path. I myself have been teased and am constantly being judged, and have learned to accept it. Although it’s made me a more confident breed, this is not so for everyone. Our society has become so consumed with setting standards and labels that it has corrupted our paradigm of life. Nothing is ever enough anymore. Perhaps if all man becomes extinct through this huge competition we are all up against, the corruptness of society shall be acknowledged. Is that what it has to come to? Death? Then again, aren’t we all dying to be “perfect”?


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