Defend Your Thesis Until It’s Death

HUZZAH! I free moment. Like I’ve mentioned before, I apologize for not making more publications. I’ve been studying and trying to get everything in order before the end of the year. In my free moments, or the little time I have to myself, it’s not always my first priority to blog. I’m sorry to tell you, but the truth hurts sometimes. Speaking of which, why do people get so offended by the truth? Of course, I know the answer, but to be rather blunt, I mean, why do people care so much? About things in general that is. I feel as though we as individuals can not accept the truth because we’ve been conditioned to see things in a certain perspective. Perhaps that’s the perspective that we are held on a higher standard or level than one another. Think about it, in today’s age, everyone is a winner. Who decided that? I remember when I was a youngster on my town’s softball team. When it came time for honoring the players, EVERYONE won. We all got medals and trophies. My best friend sat out for the season because she absolutely hates sports and wanted to join knowing I would be on the team with her. She too was awarded. It’s all bull shit in my opinion. It leads us to believe that in the future, that is how the real world is. Let me tell you something, if my generation was told we were wrong or that we failed we would have significantly different mentalities. Perhaps more young lads would have a stronger disposition to go off to college. Is this why adapting is such a struggle for society? If so, then we as a society have to cease from sugar coating things and tell it like it is. “Hey lil’ Johnny, you aren’t going to be President.” Too harsh? Perhaps once we start to alter these ways, our society will see that (wo)man has to make his/her life his/her own. We can’t just sit around and expect the world. As the case may seem logical and rather repetitive to some individuals, let’s be honest, how much of humanity has actually considered the aforementioned? I’ll admit, matters like the one mentioned in this post have crossed my mind before, but once I took it upon myself to dissect it in it’s entirety, it impacted me differently. Welp, here you are ladies and gentlemen, yet another one of my rants. Thank you society for granting me something to rant about. You never let me down. Until next time, defend your thesis until it’s death, lads. 🙂


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