How Folly the Antagonizer

Hark! Is this another free moment I seek? G’day all. As mentioned before, things are a bit busy with my exam tomorrow. I actually feel all hyped to take it. I put my time in studying. *Crosses fingers*. School itself is a joke these days. We have five minute lessons in class with the remaining time as free time. The halls grow old with the drama and rumors of others. As entertaining as some may find it, there is always a line that should not be crossed in the rumor world. There is a huge line between gossip and ridiculing others through rumors and cyber bullying. How disgusting is it to point out other people’s problems and ill-made decisions for one’s own satisfaction? People spread rumors as if it compensates for their issues and flaws. Let me be the first to say, we ALL have problems. We ALL have flaws and negative aspects. However, this does not give permission to people to hurt others and go out of their way to attack a human being. I am sick and disturbed by cyber bullying and badgering one another. As I grow older in age, I see that it’s not only ladies who mock their peers, but lads too. It baffles me. Are our minds so conditioned to thinking that verbally abusing others is socially acceptable? What’s even more disturbing is the extent to which the victim will go to in order to take the edge off the pain. Suicide, cutting, ingesting pills and other drugs. When does it end? I for one, can not stand by when someone is being belittled for their actions. Especially when the outside party knows little of the situation and assumes the outcome of the event. How folly? Especially when we exaggerate the truth and make the victim’s life unbearable.Our society is a joke, our ignorance is an even bigger joke. Suicide my friends, is not in any way shape or form of the word, a joke. Until next time, stand up and speak out, lads. 


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