The Victorious March

Good morrow, loves! It has ended! I took my exam, and now have time to myself. Obviously, I am relieved and happy that this course is over. Ultimately, this exam was facile for me. Unsurprisingly,  he writing portion was my saving grace. My class agrees that the scantron portion of the test was a bit ridiculous. It was completely incoherent to the curriculum of the year. I spent eight months agonizing with my class over a plethora amount of work and weekend classes. After the insanity of this course, I realize that I spent most of my time focusing on this one class. I would dedicate hours to research and accomplishing assignments. My free time was those nights procrastinating with work which made me anxious. Of course this was inevitable and rather obvious before, however, it is all over now. I am free to focus more on other classes, HUZZAH! I never really acquired a substantial amount of homework other than for this course, so my school approach is increasingly relaxed as of now. My exterior remains the same while my interior is roaring like society in the 1920’s. It’s your average (or rather, less than average) Gatsby soiree underneath these external walls. Until next time, throw yourself a party ole’ sport.  


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