Simply Put

I never knew the right and or best approach to telling someone who has never experienced having an eating disorder what such thoughts entail. Then I read an article taken from a book entitled, “The Secret Language of Eating Disorders” which is evidently about a mother observing her daughter when eating disorders were rarely studied. I then had my ah-ha moment so to speak. The eldest daughter, Kirsten, managed to put eating disordered thoughts in an analogy so simple, but so very very true:

“We stopped at a traffic light. She said, “Mom, see that light over there? You see that it’s green. Logically, I know it’s green, but my head tells me it’s red, and I’m not allowed to go. That’s the best analogy I can make for you about something that makes no sense to me. That’s why I’m doing something so illogical.”

When I initially read this, I was taken back. Baffled, I read this over and over again making ensuring the fact that it made sense. How could such complex thoughts be put so simply? It is a genius statement. One that I would use to describe ED thoughts to anyone. I thought this was worth sharing, for those who may not be suffering from an eating disorder, this may help you to get a better glimpse into the mind of an ED victim. For those of you who do suffer from an ED, I hope this can help you to explain to other people when presented with such a situation. Until next time, fight the thoughts telling you no, lads. 


3 responses to “Simply Put

  1. So sad to see people suffering from eating disorders 😦 Makes it that much more important for them to surround themselves with the right people who can help them overcome their problems and design the health they’ve always wanted in a safe way.

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