The Versatile Blog Award!

Today, I was gladly welcomed at my computer screen when I received a notification that I was nominated for the Versatile Blog Award from the brilliant A Mindful Traveler. I couldn’t be more appreciative for this honor. First order of business, I would like to take this moment to thank A Mindful Traveler. I absolutely adore their posts and take an interest in their liking of adventure and writing as well as their unique approach to mindfulness. Next, I would like to credit these fifteen blogs for their ability to shine in their ingenious and ambidextrous approach to writing.

  1. Ambition in the City
  2. A Regular Cup of Joe
  3. Matt on Not-WordPress
  4. Written Words Never Die
  5. My Power Blog
  6. Wrestling Life
  7. Bright Moments Catcher
  9. HarsH ReaLiTy
  10. The War in My Brain
  11. Simply Solo: Single Girl Starting Over
  12. Metamorphosis of Letters
  13. Into Mind
  14. Full of Roses Inspirationals 
  15. My Travels and Photography

And now onto the last part of this award acception, to tell A Mindful Traveler seven things about myself.

1. I find peace through walking and listening to music, I take long walks to clear my mind and devote time each day to stretching and meditating.

2. I am capable of speaking French, Spanish, and a bit of Gaelic.

3. When I am old enough, I wish to travel and explore as much as fate allows it.

4. I always adored writing and drawing, usually when I write, its a spur of the moment kind of deal, therefore, I have a plethora of different notebooks with random writings and drawings. This ensures the fact that I won’t forget later on.

5.ED fact: I went to my parents when I got to my lowest point of anorexia which was perhaps the scariest thing I had to rise to considering I was blinded by ANA.

6. I absolutely fancy black and white movies. TCM is my savior.

7. I am an old soul in every aspect of the word and despite the cruel comments, I am thoroughly proud of it.

I would like to thank A Mindful Traveler again for this honor. I wish for the best in all your blogging for I am enthralled with every bit of your works. 🙂 Until next time, clear your minds on a long walk, lads! 😀




11 responses to “The Versatile Blog Award!

  1. You remain anonymous – so, it is difficult to say that I ‘know’ you a little from these seven revelations, as it were 🙂

    Congratulations and thank you for passing on the award my way.


    • It’s funny, I sometimes have to re-read what I write just to make sure some comments are not too biased or revealing. Thank you so much for posting! I dig your blog!


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