Media Mayhem

On a daily basis, the average American is exposed to an exaggerated 3,000 advertisements. (circa 250 on a more conservative side, respectively.) If we delve into this further, that’s 21,000 ads weekly, 93,000 ads monthly, for a grand total of 1.2 million ads yearly! That’s right, 1.2 million advertisements being thrown in our faces each year and rising. With an influx of technological advances and expansion of worldly communications, it’s no wonder the media is feeding us our paramount source of daily guilty fixes. Of these guilty pleasures, such commercials(magazines, newspapers, posters etc.) glorify unhealthy eating and drinking habits, put a great emphasis on possessions and indulging in materialistic objects, and stress extreme dieting as well as encourage being skinny in order to reach standards of beauty. Lovely, aye?  The fast food industry is perhaps on an all time high as their market has a vast amount of these public ads. Not to mention the plethora amount of ads glorifying the consumption of alcohol. There is something unsettling about all of these public exhibits, its the fact that the majority of the people selling these items are gorgeous and skinny. This, ladies and gentlemen, factors into the low self esteem of us common folk. Consider this, these ads are targeted in a sneaky way at our youth. Sneakily, these adverts are made for the youth due to their malleable, naive mindsets. It is easier to brainwash a youngster with undeveloped morals and values than an adult with set ethics. Undoubtedly, low self esteem is on an all time rise as a result of the ongoing war between humans and medial influences. Man kind is subjected to such heavy influences periodically, that our mindset has reprogrammed itself to being misguided on how we should act, look, what we should possess, and how we should behave. What good has this done? Self-inflicted harm, eating disorders, greed, crime, and abusing drugs have all skyrocketed over an evolved period of time. Society feels pressured to conform to the “normality” of man which is the set standards of what some “higher” power tells us to do. The average person will turn to extreme lengths to alter their bodies or abuse their well-being to reach “perfection”. The bar never yields to raise itself as we are beaten with these unrealistic adverts. We are being conditioned to think a certain way which causes us to believe we are not as great as we can be perhaps in the most negative respect. It is not so much that we CAN be better, but that we HAVE to be better in regards to appearance so that we can reach a higher state of being. Remember when women were women and embraced it? I surely don’t. Women today are told to be thin. Perhaps even unnaturally thin. Where are the Marilyn Monroes? The Bridget Bardots? Women as well as men are becoming objects instead of actual humans. We are all specimens for a sick experiment run by company marketing and articles plastered in our faces from a distorted point of view. Taking a glimpse back at 2007, the typical American was exposed to 600 advertisements daily. Considering technology is an ever evolving franchise, it is expected that our current exposure to public advertisements will increase drastically as time progresses. Brainwashing the youth and manipulating the common folk is not the way to go. Taking a stand is much needed for the sake of our sanity and our future. Until next time, defy the laws of media’s adverts and shine on with being your own breed, lads. Be your own leader. 🙂


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