Lena Dunham: Repeat 8 Times

G’day ladies and gents! Hope your day is filled with fantastical adventures. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned how certain things place me in a calm mindset which allows me to come into terms with my eating and embracing being the best I can be. Of these things, there are certain women who I look to as an inspiration and who motivate me to move forward in my recovery. One show in particular that really brings me solace is the hit HBO show Girls. Girls is a show created by, and starring Lena Dunham. Dunham plays Hannah, an aspiring writer in the ambitious Greenpoint, Brooklyn after realizing she is no longer being supported by her parents after attending Oberlin College. (Where she actually did attend) Something that catches my attention from the start is the fact that part of this script is based on her actual life. She and her room mates are left to fend for themselves in order to make it (let alone survive) in the “real world”. Dunham takes us through a plot with erotic scenarios, personal down falls such as suffering from OCD, and all the successes and mishaps of being out in the real world. I am captivated by Dunham on a personal level just the same. She possesses a mentality that drives her to be bigger than the “societal standards” to which we are commanded to conform to. She prides herself in being a real woman. Remember those? Women who actually have curves, and breasts, and something to hold on to. She embraces her femininity in the most profound manner. No, she is not your average girly girl. She is your authentic educated, artsy, independent woman who knows how to hold her own. I adore her style of writing just the same. It gives me a sense of relief that someone is still capable of forming a proper sentence in our uncultured populace. After acknowledging her existence, I’ve come to accept several facts. One, just because I won’t be the size that I am now after achieving recovery, I can still embrace my body and not care what society has to say. Furthermore, I can accomplish anything (perhaps more too) if I hold a positive outlook and endorse all of my perceived flaws. There is a picture of Dunham eating a whole cake in the nude. Mind you, she isn’t model picturesque, but that’s what makes her REAL. She is true to her word. I’ve tried to find ways to contact her and thank her. I am so eager to one day talk to her. I dream of starting a project with her in order to establish a foundation or organization where woman can be seen as humans and not objects. Women in general are objectified in our society. Society won’t change unless some one (or some one’s for that matter) create a united front to stick up against the tidal waves of corrupt movements. In such an organization, we could combat certain industries which target our youth and brainwash them into believing a distorted beauty. Movements and petitions can result from this to hopefully create laws or regulations within different franchises or establishments. (Modeling, marketing, air-brushing adverts, making sizes smaller, encouraging perfecting ones-self etc) Its a shot in the dark, I understand. However, if I could contact Ms. Dunham to hopefully try and make a movement against our corrupt medial industries, then hopefully a change will be made once and for all. Who knows? Until next time, take your stand, lads.

Questions of the day:

  1. Have you ever been passionate about a certain topic? If so, what was it?
  2. Do you have someone to look up to when in time of need?
  3. What is your unrevealed ambition?

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