The Lovable Lauren Luke

We meet again, lads! I hope all goes well in (and out) of your worlds. Things are running pretty calm around here. I find myself being a flower child just going with the flow. With this relaxation period, I’ve become extremely inspired and motivated. Luckily for you, this means I have ideas for new posts to share. *Cue the crickets* For those just tuning in now, in my last post, I wrote about Lena Dunham and her awe inspiring stand against society. In keeping with this theme, I have yet another person I know is very well worth mentioning. I met this incredible woman during my “darker” self esteem days on her Youtube account Panacea81. Her name, Lauren Luke. Like myself, she struggles with her weight and was mocked as a youngster. She continues to be an extremely relatable character to which I find comforting. Maybe its the fact that she has created a name for herself whilst being down to earth and herself. Maybe its in the way she can laugh at herself when she makes mistakes or that she hasn’t changed much throughout the years (in a positive way). Whatever it may be, she is an amazing inspiration and holds to be a fantastic role model for any youngster growing up in this corrupt society. Lauren encourages people to ignore what other’s say no matter how cruel they may be. Undoubtedly, she proved all of her bullies wrong with her great successes thus far (and still to come).  She is the “sane” voice in the clutter of these irrational thinkers of how beauty should be. During my first diagnosis of anorexia, I was eager to send her a message and explain what I was going through and that she really helped me unconsciously. However, at the time, I was young and confused about what was going on with myself that I chickened out and never sent the email. It’s funny really. I “met” Lauren before she had her makeup line or before she became famous in the makeup world. I saw her grow to where she is now which gave me this sense of hope for people like us. I highly recommend taking a gander at her channel which I will leave on the bottom of this post. If you decide to comment please let her know that I sent you. Trust me, loves, she won’t let you down in regards to keeping things as real as possible. She always tries to set forth a positive demeanor. However, when she isn’t having the brightest day, she isn’t afraid to show a more vulnerable side which contributes to her genuinity.  Lauren is a shining example of the type of person who we need to set society straight in brainwashing our youth. Until next time lads, zoom, zoom! 🙂

Lauren Luke’s Channel:


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